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Hsieh vows to promote ethnic harmony, justice
By Ko Shu-ling
Wednesday, Feb 27, 2008, Page 3
Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) yesterday signed a memorandum to support harmony among ethnic groups.
Hsieh promised to respect differences among ethnic groups and promote awareness of the issue. He also pledged not to incite ethnic confrontation nor support criticism or behavior that may sabotage ethnic harmony. Finally, he agreed to take the initiative to advance understanding among different ethnic groups and pursue social justice.
Hsieh signed the memorandum during a visit by Chien Hsi-chieh, executive director of Peacetime Foundation Taiwan, to his campaign office yesterday afternoon.
However, media attention shifted to a representative of the Trans-Asia Sisters Association, Wu Yu-jen (武玉貞), when she condemned Hsieh for making inappropriate remarks about Chinese women married to Taiwanese men.
Wu said she was very upset when she saw an online news report saying Hsieh had called on Taiwanese men to stop being "pigs" and marrying Chinese women because they were "cheap."
"His remark makes people think that Chinese women are cheap and that they are for sale," she said.
Hsieh said the media had twisted his words and caused him much harm. Hsieh said he remembered he was talking about the "common market" proposed by Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) vice presidential candidate Vincent Siew (蕭萬長).
Hsieh said it was a fact that many Chinese women were smuggled in and forced into the sex trade. While some told him that was because Chinese women were cheaper, he told them that then those men were "pigs."
"I was denouncing Taiwanese men who thought Chinese women were cheap and who buy sex," he said. "I never said Taiwanese men who marry Chinese women were pigs."
During his 20 some years in politics, Hsieh said he had never provoked ethnic tension and was known for promoting co-existence and reconciliation.
When approached for comment afterward, Wu said she still found Hsieh's explanation "not very acceptable."
In related news, Chiu Yi-ying (邱議瑩), a Hsieh spokesperson, asked KMT presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) to clarify ifhe would allow Chinese capital to enter the local market if he were elected.
DPP Taipei City Councilor Yen Sheng-kuan (顏聖冠) said she would like to know whose side Ma would be on when national interests collided with that of his sister's business.

Frank Hsieh criticized for calling foreign brides' mates 'stud boars'
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
The China Post news staff
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Frank Hsieh, Democratic Progressive Party candidate for president, was criticized yesterday for calling husbands of foreign brides "stud boars."
The criticism was made by a Chinese bride while Hsieh was about to sign a letter of promise to promote ethnic harmony at his campaign headquarters.
One of the guests invited to witness the signing, Ms. Wu Yu-cheng, accused Hsieh of calling spouses of foreign brides names.
The stud boar in Hoklo is an equivalent of satyr.
"My mother," Wu said, "told me while wondering why anyone who wanted to be a president (of the republic) would utter such a word as to make all foreigners look down on men of Taiwan."
An embarrassed Hsieh categorically denied he did.
"I was misquoted," Hsieh said.
A few days ago, Hsieh attended a campaign rally in Chiayi, where he said Chinese girls who smuggle themselves into Taiwan for prostitution will not have to do so if Taiwan is made part of a Chinese common economic market.
His Kuomintang rival Ma Ying-jeou wants to form such a common market.
"I did not say men in Taiwan are 'stud boars,'" Hsieh said. "I didn't say so. The media misreported me."
Hsieh then went on to blast the media for misquoting him time and again, hurting his chances to win the presidential election on March 22.
Such misquotes are hurting ethnic or communal harmony on Taiwan, which he wants to prevent, Hsieh continued. He signed the letter to that effect.
Referring to Wu's accusation, Hsieh said TV correspondents present at his campaign headquarters would simply report what she said and the he was embarrassed.
"That's a distortion, which hurts me greatly," Hsieh said. "The damage is done."
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